Monday, July 20, 2015

How did I develop "my style?"

I have always prided myself in perfection. When I realized that life would not grant me the perfection  and order I so struggled to achieve, I discovered the beauty in imperfection.
I can remember the instructor at the Visual and Performing Arts High School that I attended withholding erasers from the class. She said, "There are no mistakes in Art!" I learned this lesson in life as well. There are no mistakes, just experiences. The only mistake is to not grow with your experiences. 
So, I toss and splatter and sprinkle and scrape and drip. I find completion in incompletion and perfection in imperfection. My paintings are complete when I can feel the emotion behind the paint, not when everything is in order.
This particular painting has been repainted several times at different stages of my life. And I never completely cover the previous painting. They are all a part of the final result.

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